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Keeping on top of your Website

Whether you have a new website or an existing one, I am able to offer an ongoing maintenance package to help keep your website attractive and healthy.

Security Checks

Most website users now access the Internet on Smartphones, Tablets, and these days even watches!  Older websites may have been designed before this became an issue leaving unable to display correctly on today's modern browsers. 

Newer Technologies

Occasionally new technologies come along which might affect the way a website is viewed or 

Text and Image Edits 

The importance of keeping it up to date cannot be understated. Of course it is important to ensure the content of your website is up to date; it would be bad form to mislead potential customers.
Changing or adding content to your website is recognised by search engines such as Google as a sign that the information is relevant, and it will add importance to the site's ranking.  
How mobirise works?

Use Mobirise website building software to create multiple sites for commercial and non-profit projects. Themes in the Mobirise website builder offer multiple blocks: intros, sliders, galleries, forms, articles, and so on. Start a project and click on the red plus buttons to see the blocks available for your theme.

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Go24 offers a fast and efficient management service saving the time for you to spend on your business.

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